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yugur nomads sheep flock gansu china
Exploring the desert mountains of Gansu and meeting Yugur nomads while van camping a few days at a waterhole used by their flocks of sheep. In this wilderness, I celebrated my 54th birthday.
Black & White photography featuring people in their environment. Going for a retro printed paper look, evoking texture, fades, softened images.
ganjia tibetan monastery gansu
An ancient city lured us – but the isolation seized us. Exploring Ganjia as winter approaches. From an ancient fortress and snow mountains to a living goddess temple and a sacred Tibetan cave.
masked women minab iran
Looking at the women of Minab Market reveals the ancient trading routes that once connected southern Iran with the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, and beyond.
submission-to-god surreal art
This collection represents my early artwork, created in India in 2004 and in Cambodia during 2005-06.
crazy traffic tehran iran crazy travel story
First impressions of traveling in Tehran - Iran, in 1990. Racing across the city in a taxi amid chaotic streets that seemed asking for accidents every minute.
The Museum of World Culture – in Gothenburg, Sweden – purchased 4 images from me and they're part of an exhibition called DESTINATION X.
Musings at the end of an epic overland trip across Asia and Africa; broke and confused. But mostly, about how awful hostel dorms can be for a light sleeper.
Surreal artwork based on my experience of being caught amid a riot in East Jerusalem during the first Palestinian Intifada in 1989.
how to survive long term travel
Traveling long term - like many years - can play with your sanity. Read my advice about surviving long term travel -I've been doing it for 30+ years.
Across the world there's loads of natural and historic beauty - and I've been lucky, having experienced many.
UN APC Maliana East Timor
Australian United Nations Peace-Keeping Force of armored personnel carriers (APCs) assemble and then set off on a reconnaissance mission to the volatile Indonesian border nearby.
Photographic portraits of females encountered on the road - young & old.
beautiful mongolian folk music video
Video of traditional Mongolian folk music - with throat singing - recorded in a tent in Karakorum, Mongolia, once the capital of Genghis Khan's empire.
hitchhiking on truck across kenya
Get expert hitchhiking advice about what to do, how and why from a guy who's hitchhiked the Sahara Desert and from England to India, etc.
Sudan's pyramids are older than Egypt's and there are more of them! But the pyramids at Meroe are much smaller. Still, you'll probably be alone & in awe.
priest sveta nedelya cathedral sofia bulgaria
From drinking beer with a young homeless alcoholic to helpful locals - some people encounters and other moments traveling Bulgaria.
maya shaman blessing mexico video
Video of a Mexican Mayan shaman performing a traditional ritual with words, drums and incense to cleanse, bless, and protect me. In Spanish, he wishes good health, luck with family, and my travels.